Electrically conductive Glass Tubes

Glass cylinders are provided on the outside as well as on the inside with an invisible TCO antistatic coating. Cross-edge coating is also possible, hereby the inside and outside are contacted with each other. 


Typical fields of application are: 


  • Derivation of electrical charges (ESD)
  • Powder-repellent / dust-repellent surfaces
  • Shielding of electric fields (EMI / EMC)



As base material we use tubes made of borosilicate. We provide a variety of lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses. In addition, you can have your own glass material coated by us. We even coat tubes inside that are closed at one side.


  • Resistance range = 10*3 - 10*8 Ohm
  • Length = 1 mm to 400 mm
  • Diameter = 5 mm to 100 mm



For an individual offer we are at your disposal.